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EMS penetrates deep into the muscle compartment and activates up to 95% of an athlete’s muscle fibers, providing benefits over traditional strength training which only activates roughly 65% of an athlete’s muscle fibers. Consequently, EMS has been helping athletes elevate their performance for years. The likes of Usain Bolt, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Rafael Nadal are just a few of the names who incorporate EMS training into their strength and conditioning programs.

Strength and Performance

In a 14-week study involving 2 Whole-Body EMS sessions per week, professional soccer players developed increased leg strength and enhanced their athletic performance.

Speed and Power

An 8-week study of young athletes showed a combination of EMS training and plyometric training can improve speed and triple jump performance.

Muscle strength and power

In a 12-week study involving up to 3 EMS sessions per week, elite rugby players significantly improved their squat strength and power.

Metabolic and cardiovascular response

A study revealed that high intensity interval training (HIIT) can be mimicked during EMS work outs using constant load exercises. EMS training has been shown to enhance cardiovascular and metabolic responses.

Anaerobic performance and muscle activation

EMS training incorporated with an athlete’s sports training can improve anaerobic performance and promote increased muscle activation.

Female Collegiate softball athletes

An 8-week study on female collegiate softball players found that WB-EMS training can significantly increase batting velocity, strength, and enhance a player’s performance.

Vertical Jump

A 6-week study of female track and field athletes showed using EMS training along with weight training can increase their knee extensor strength and vertical jump.

Female adolescent athletes

An 8-week study showed training with EMS has a positive effect on young female athletes’ muscle contraction, the rate of force development, and muscle tone.


EMS training can improve hamstring flexibility more than static stretching alone.


Solo Bolt-01.png

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