Carter Williams

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“Little hand says it’s time to rock n roll.”


One of Carter's greatest realizations in life is that one day we will all not be able to live life in the same way we once used to.  This is what inspires him to live life to the fullest every day and make the most of every moment.  Almost everything Carter likes to do, is done better being healthy and strong.  Whether it’s playing sports at a high level, challenging himself with ultra-distance races, competing in water sports, being a friend, family member, human….it’s all done better if we're the healthiest version of ourselves.  This realization has put him on a quest to become a student every single day.  Every day Carter seeks out the opportunity to learn about health and fitness and increase his existing knowledge base.  He has spent the last 10 years in the health and fitness industry and loves applying his knowledge in personal and small group training environments.  He takes great pride in teaching others what he has learnt and sees it as the absolute best.  Carter loves sport, movement, health, wellness and people.  Getting the opportunity to combine all of that into teaching is something he never takes for granted.  

Certifications - CrossFit Leve 1&2 Certifications, CrossFit Olympic Lifting Certification, Mobility Certification, Deep End Fitness Water Training Certification.

Solo Bolt-01.png