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A hi-tech form of resistance training using electrical stimulation to make the muscles work harder. Efficient (1/2 hour workouts), easy on the joints, and results you see and feel pretty quickly. I have been practicing yoga for 4 years and experienced a noticeable increase in my core core strength after 3 sessions (1-1/2 weeks). Colleen is the BEST: profession, enthusiastic, caring and she definitely walks her talk!!!

Ann I., Costa Mesa, CA
Via Yelp

This Place is AMAZING! I recently signed up as my New Years resolution to get back in shape and I love it. The best part is it only takes about 25 minutes for a full body workout and it leaves me sore for days. The day after isn't so bad but the second and third day you can really feel the burn. This is definitely the most fun and time effective workout I have ever experienced.

5 Stars and highly recommended!!

Jon T., Newport Beach, CA
Via Yelp

I love this work out! Its the only workout I have ever done that I feel and see results after each session while I'm smiling! I would recommend the workout to anyone that wants to tighten up and does not have a lot of time to work out. 30 minutes is the perfect workout to fit into a busy schedule. Its like nothing you have ever experienced. Thank you and cant wait to be there on Thursday.

Natalie B., Newport Beach, CA
Via Yelp

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