James Yi

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"Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard."


James grew up in Los Angeles and developed a love for sports and athletics at a young age. Having participated in track and field and basketball since middle school, he quickly realized his passion for fitness and started lifting weights in high school. His love for fitness eventually led him to decide to pursue a degree in kinesiology in college with an emphasis in exercise science. After obtaining the degree in college, James decided to also pursue a certification in personal training through ACSM. James jumped straight into the health and fitness industry after graduating and becoming certified.  He soon discovered the magic of EMS training and quickly became infatuated with the unique and futuristic nature of Lightning Fit workouts. Outside of Lightning Fit, James can be found playing pickup basketball, lifting weights, playing his guitar and drums, or out by the beach in Santa Monica skating down boardwalk.

Certifications - ACSM Personal Trainer

Solo Bolt-01.png