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Colleen McNutt

NASM Certified Trainer, E-FIT Certified

NASM Certified Trainer, E-FIT Certified

Colleen founded Lightning Fit on the core belief that she should use her unique experiences and access to the best in wellness technologies to help other people achieve their fitness goals. An Orange County local, Colleen joined a big 4 accounting firm after graduating from Columbia University, where she played NCAA Division 1 volleyball. Driven to excel in the fast-paced business world, and committed to maintain her elite athleticism, Colleen experienced what many of us feel in our day to day lives: there is always so much to do, that staying fit is a struggle. Then crisis struck. In the spring of 2012 Colleen began to feel extremely fatigued all day, every day and to gain weight at an unexpected pace. Colleen sought the help of doctors and specialists in Southern California, but her health continued to deteriorate.

Determined to find a solution to the mysterious illness that afflicted her, Colleen expanded her search for treatment, seeking out advice from specialized doctors around the globe, undergoing treatment at revolutionary clinics in Europe and even receiving stem cell therapy. After years of searching, Colleen found a cutting edge facility in Utah where she was finally diagnosed with a rare mitochondrial dysfunction that was triggered by an allergic reaction to a very strong antibiotic; her treatment at the clinic contributed to her full recovery. With her health restored, Colleen returned to work at a top accounting firm in Newport Beach, California. More cognizant of her energy levels, Colleen began to put together the optimized fitness strategy that forms the basis of Lightning Fit’s offering. Colleen was determined to return to the elite level of fitness that she had experienced before her illness but did not have 3 hours a day to work out like she had in college. This drove Colleen to begin a regimen that would provide her with a world class workout, supported by advanced recovery and wellness technologies, without taking up all of her time.

Colleen tried almost every diet under the sun (finding that the ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting work best for her), worked with specialists and utilized a variety of cutting edge technologies. After thoughtful experimentation Colleen began to find a combination of diet and exercise that massively improved her fitness, increased her energy and fit well within her busy lifestyle. Having been introduced to the E-Fit device and a variety of powerful supplements by wellness experts, Colleen now began to use these technologies to help her regain her fitness. Working with experts and undergoing one of the most rigorous fitness training certifications available in the US, Colleen began to formulate a recipe for success that would eventually drive her to the best fitness level of her life, in less than 3 hours per week.

In early 2016 Colleen decided to leave accounting and open a personal training studio in Costa Mesa so that she could help other people to achieve their fitness goals through personalized, technology-enabled training programs. She gained a certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine, a robust personal training program in the US, and received direct training and certification from the top E-Fit experts in the US. Thus, Lightning Fit was born out of Colleen’s desire to help others feel as healthy as they can so that they can enjoy the happiness they deserve!

We hope you’ll join us for a workout at our Newport Beach studio to see how Lightning Fit can electrify your journey to health!

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Sarah Foster

NASM Certified Trainer, E-FIT Certified

NASM E-Fit Certified Personal Trainer

Sarah has always had a great love for exercise and an active lifestyle. Sarah played Division I college soccer and got her degree in Kinesiology. She completed her first 200-hour yoga certification in 2011, and since then has continued to do three more trainings. She also has her certification in spin, lift, and strength, and previously taught at Equinox, 24 Hour Fitness, and several local spin studios. To take her fitness knowledge further, she decided to get certified as a personal trainer in 2013. She is also certified through NASM, ACE, CPR level A/AED, Yoga Alliance, and Mad Dogg spin. In 2017, Sarah graduated from E-Fit’s intense training program and now holds an E-Fit training certification.

Helping others is what brings Sarah joy in life, and her passion about fitness, health and wellness is evident while working with clients. Sarah’s goal is to teach people how to set their own goals and work towards them so that they can become healthier, stronger and happier. What she loves about her job at Lightning Fit is being able to work with a variety of people and implement different methods, techniques and training styles based on their lifestyle and fitness goals. She believes there are many ways to live a fit and healthy Orange County lifestyle, and she is here to help you find which way works best for you.

Kasey Bozarth

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer and E-Fit Certified

E-FIT, NASM Certified Trainer

Kasey is a Southern California native, and became a Personal Trainer to share her fitness knowledge and passion with others. Kasey played sports her whole life and competed on nationally ranked cheerleading squads. While cheerleading at the highest level, Kasey realized her passion for training, exercise and a fit lifestyle continued beyond the time she spent cheerleading. She wanted to continue her lifestyle and share her passion for fitness by helping others achieve their goals.

Kasey became a personal trainer after completing her ISSA CPT and graduating from E-Fit Academy. She is currently a junior at California State University of Fullerton majoring in Kinesiology. Kasey's favorite part about being a Personal Trainer at Lightning Fit Newport Beach is helping her clients experience the positive effects that exercise can have on their emotional and physical health. She specializes in total body transformation by focusing on burning fat and building muscle. Kasey pushes her clients to their maximum potential during workouts, and doesn’t go easy on them. She does exactly what it takes to help them stay on track to reach their results.

Devyn Peterson

AACE Personal Trainer and E-Fit certified

Devyn Peterson

After working nearly ten years in corporate positions in Denver, CO, Devyn has moved to Newport Beach, CA to pursue her real passion of fitness and health. Devyn lives a very active healthy lifestyle, in addition to her E-Fit trainings, she is an avid yogi and lover of the great outdoors. She is ACE personal trainer certified and has completed the intense E-Fit certification in early 2018.

Devyn had major back surgery for Scoliosis in 2001 and and has since dealt with injuries and surgeries due to muscular imbalances. She realized the immense importance of making fitness and health a main priority to prevent future ailments. While acknowledging the benefits of fitness, strength training, and maintaining an active lifestyle, she’s become passionate about helping others recognize many of the same benefits. After discovering E-Fit’s ability to target muscular imbalances and muscular compensations, Devyn is thrilled to be able to share this exciting technique with others!

Stephen Hernandez

ACE personal trainer and E-Fit certified

Stephen’s lifelong commitment to fitness guides his career as a personal trainer. Stephen holds certifications as an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED, and has completed the intense E-Fit device certification. Stephen is a former Division I collegiate athlete turned personal trainer, he graduated with his degree from Cal State University of Fullerton. Stephen’s passion for fitness began through his love of sports. Growing up he loved every minute spent playing sports and trying to improve himself as a player. In pursuit of advancing his body and performance, Stephen has dedicated years to incorporating numerous styles of fitness training programs and nutritional lifestyles. His goal as a trainer is to educate clients on the many benefits of exercise through personalized workouts and to empower clients to achieve lifelong healthy habits.

Customer Review

I am definitely not motivated by exercise. Haha. But this had me intrigued. I was hoping for an easy fix, and while it is in the sense of time, it is no joke when it comes to overall fitness! It's like a cardio workout & strengthening session all in one! I'm loving my new toned arms!!! Colleen is an incredible trainer, and fun to be around, which has made me a new fitness enthusiast. I always look forward to our workouts, and the continued progress!

Pam P., Newport Beach, CA
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