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Customized Personal Training in Newport Beach Using EMS Technology

Ever wondered what the future of training looks like? Well, you’ve finally found it!

E-Fit is an electro muscle stimulation system that targets muscle groups and stimulates them while you move. A recent study by Bayreuth University and the German Sports University in Cologne showed that this training may be up to 18 times more effective than a conventional gym workout. E-Fit’s innovative technology stimulates up to 95% of the body’s muscle fibers, reaching areas in the body that conventional workouts rarely affect. E-Fit’s output and levels can be adjusted to best fit every user’s needs.

Here at Lightning Fit we combine the power of the E-Fit device with personalized, all-inclusive training methods that target and exercise the muscle groups that are most important to you, helping you to lose weight, gain muscle and improve the appearance of cellulite, all while minimizing impact on your joints.

And because E-Fit is so efficient, work out sessions are reduced to just two 25 minute sessions per week.

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How does E-Fit work?

All movement you do starts with electrical impulses transmitted from your brain to your muscles. Similarly, Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) fires electrical impulses into target muscles, causing them to contract and relax as they would during normal exercise. Because of E-Fit’s innovative technology, the device is able to precisely target different muscle groups, ensuring that they work up to 18 times harder than they would in a traditional workout. This stimulation reaches up to 350 muscles and is methodically combined with active exercise to obtain exceptional results.

E-Fit uses a specialized suit with 10 incorporated electrode pairs to systematically send impulses to the muscles you are trying to work, adjusting the intensity, depth and frequency of impulses to make sure that you are experiencing maximum impact from your exercise. Made out of breathable, antibacterial fabric, the E-Fit suit allows for full range of motion so that you can get the most effective possible workout!

Why do we use the E-Fit device?

Here at Lightning Fit, we understand that it can be difficult to fit a world-class, butt-kicking workout into your busy Newport Beach lifestyle. At the same time, we aren’t willing to sacrifice fitness and health for easy, ineffective workouts that don’t produce results.

The E-Fit device fits beautifully with what Lightning Fit offers to our clients. The innovative technology ensures that every minute of your workout is highly effective and that you are getting a personalized, skillfully designed workout that creates the results you need. Because of this, we get our clients in and out of our Orange County studio in less than an hour, but always leave them feeling that they have had an amazing workout.

Especially for those people looking to build muscle and drop fat, we think E-Fit is a perfect device because it helps you to target the change that you want to see in your fitness and your body.

What are the other benefits of the E-fit Device?

  • Muscle Building

    Like traditional weightlifting, an E-Fit workout is targeted towards developing muscles by forcing key muscles to exert significant force. However, unlike weight lifting, an E-Fit workout doesn’t put too much stress on your joints and is able to utilize up to 95% of muscle fibers. Because of these benefits, a personalized E-Fit program is a great way to build strong muscles.

  • Fat Burning

    Our expert E-Fit personal trainers are able to target your workout directly to problem areas and to maintain your heart rate within the key fat burning level, helping you to lose fat in these key areas to achieve the results you want. Furthermore, the E-Fit’s advanced technology causes your cells to increase oxygen consumption and to burn more calories than they would through traditional weight lifting workouts. Combined with a healthy diet, this exercise regimen can drive noticeable weight loss within a month.

  • Full Body Workout

    E-Fit’s training clothing includes electrodes connected to your chest, back, biceps and triceps, abs, glutes, quadriceps and calves, enabling targeted exertion across all muscle groups. During an E-Fit workout pulses fire simultaneously across the body but can be increased or decreased in key areas to generate an optimal full body workout.

  • Reduce Cellulite

    The E-Fit device can be used to increase blood flow and reduce the appearance of cellulite by stimulating problem areas with low intensity electrical pulses. This treatment improves the connective tissues in problem areas, lessening the number of fat cells accumulated between the skin and muscle fibers and helping to lessen the lumps of fat cells visible on the skin

  • Suitable For All Ages

    The targeted stimulation of the E-Fit device, combined with expert training, makes it possible for adults (18 years and older) to gain muscle regardless of age or strength level. This is possible because the electrical pulses generated by the E-Fit device can be controlled to provide the required intensity, allowing every user to experience a level of muscle stimulation that fits their needs. At the same time, Lightning Fit workouts minimize pressure on your joints, minimizing risk of injury.

  • Protect Joints

    Because the E-Fit does not rely on heavy weights or high impact activities to build muscles, this program significantly lowers the damage to your joints. With E-Fit, muscles can be strengthened and fat lost without requiring intensive impacts on your joints, so it is a great way for older people or people with joint issues to maintain their health. Every workout at our Newport Beach studio is guided by a professional personal trainer who teaches proper technique and can customize your workout to your needs.

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Customer Review

A hi-tech form of resistance training using electrical stimulation to make the muscles work harder. Efficient (1/2 hour workouts), easy on the joints, and results you see and feel pretty quickly. I have been practicing yoga for 4 years and experienced a noticeable increase in my core core strength after 3 sessions (1-1/2 weeks). Colleen is the BEST: profession, enthusiastic, caring and she definitely walks her talk!!!

Ann I., Costa Mesa, CA
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