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Discover The Power of Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training

Discover The Power of Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training

Discover The Power of Electrical Muscle Stimulation Training

January 12, 2022

Innovative and highly effective in every respect, Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS is a technology that has been cleared by the FDA. The premise of this technology is that of an innovative system that is able to leverage technology in such a way that electrical impulses are used to enhance the way the body responds to exercise, stimulation and movement. What makes the system so valuable to athletes is that it results in muscles contracting up to three times more than they would in a typical workout. The end result is greatly increased muscle contractions.

EMS is Quickly Becoming Such an Important Part of Modern Athletic Training

With these increased muscle contractions, the body is empowered to burn much more substantial amounts of calories. As a matter of fact, with a typical workout, the body can actually burn easily up to one thousand calories in about 30 minutes or less. With so much to offer it is clear to see why EMS is quickly becoming such an important part of modern athletic training. The system is entirely safe and effective and is best used in a typical 20-minute workout. By activating 30% more muscle fibers and burning more calories, an athlete can experience increased metabolism for 48 hours following a workout.

Increasing Endurance and Stamina Along with Recovery and Rehabilitation

Another important consideration when it comes to electrical muscle stimulation training is that it is a vital type of training methodology that is perfect for low impact exercise in relation to the joints. Those who have joint issues, will be happy to know that EMS is perfectly suited to help them achieve their fitness goals. Whether talking about reducing body fat or building strength and muscle mass as well as increasing endurance and stamina along with recovery and rehabilitation, the future of fitness is clearly insight. To learn more simply visit Lightning Fit online or call today.

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