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Learn More About EMS Training While Pregnant

Learn More About EMS Training While Pregnant

Learn More About EMS Training While Pregnant

December 14, 2021

While electro muscle stimulation is one of the most innovative and unique forms of modern fitness available today, there are some limitations worth noting. For example, EMS training while pregnant is typically not recommended. As a matter of fact, it is clearly stated that this type of fitness training cannot be used during pregnancy or breast-feeding. This state-of-the-art technology emerged back in the 1960s. It was originally used by doctors and physical therapists as a way to rehabilitate muscles following surgical procedures or injury. And then, during the 1970s, other countries began to use the technology to train world-class athletes.


Cutting Edge Technology and Expert Training Programs in Place


This paved the way for modern electrical muscle stimulation and its benefits to fitness training. The technology was originally cleared by the FDA for use in nonmedical exercises and is now available to virtually everyone wishing to benefit from the advantages of this unique technology. With cutting edge equipment and expert training programs in place, EMS can be highly customizable providing for a unique and one-of-a-kind workout experience that is suitable for virtually all ages and all fitness levels. With so much to offer, EMS is the smart way to maximize the benefits of modern fitness.


Talk With a Professional


As mentioned, one limitation that should be considered is that this equipment should never be used for pregnant women or for children under the age of 16. In addition, those with heart disease, pacemakers or other electronic medical devices should refrain from the technology. Further, those with convulsions, epileptic seizures or blood pressure related problems and even skin diseases or metal body implants should not use EMS. One of the best ways to know for sure if modern EMS training while pregnant or where there are other conditions as mentioned is right for you is to talk with a professional. Lightning Fit is a trusted and reliable name in modern EMS training and fitness. Contact the company today to learn more.

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