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E-Fit Client Reviews

First of all, Colleen is amazing. She is full of positive energy, tons of educational information on nutrition and her studio workouts, and so great at what she does. After one session I am encouraged, intrigued, and look forward to exploring this workout regimen as my fitness plan. I feel grateful to have met Colleen and discovered this amazing place and regime. Excited to keep going and see what happens to my body!

Sara N., Newport Beach, CA
Via Yelp

The first time I stepped in to the office I felt so welcome. Colleen (the owner) was super friendly and professional.She give me Beyond of the full information of the treatment.i got very excited and could wait for my first session . The Result is amazing. Thank you soooo much Colleen.

I love it!!!!!

irina l., Costa Mesa, CA
Via Yelp

This Place is AMAZING! I recently signed up as my New Years resolution to get back in shape and I love it. The best part is it only takes about 25 minutes for a full body workout and it leaves me sore for days. The day after isn't so bad but the second and third day you can really feel the burn. This is definitely the most fun and time effective workout I have ever experienced.

5 Stars and highly recommended!!

Jon T., Newport Beach, CA
Via Yelp

I'm so excited to keep doing this!!! I already feel it after just one workout! Can't wait to go back!!!

Rachel G., San Clemente, CA
Via Yelp

I love this work out! Its the only workout I have ever done that I feel and see results after each session while I'm smiling! I would recommend the workout to anyone that wants to tighten up and does not have a lot of time to work out. 30 minutes is the perfect workout to fit into a busy schedule. Its like nothing you have ever experienced. Thank you and cant wait to be there on Thursday.

Natalie B., Newport Beach, CA
Via Yelp

As a former college athlete, I am always looking for new and interesting workouts - I definitely found it at lightning fit. Great workout that definitely left me sweaty and exhausted. Thanks!

K.C. C., Portland, OR
Via Yelp

Killer work out that is definitely worth trying. Already starting to see results after a couple sessions and Colleen is great.

Kelly M., Denver, CO
Via Yelp

A hi-tech form of resistance training using electrical stimulation to make the muscles work harder. Efficient (1/2 hour workouts), easy on the joints, and results you see and feel pretty quickly. I have been practicing yoga for 4 years and experienced a noticeable increase in my core core strength after 3 sessions (1-1/2 weeks). Colleen is the BEST: profession, enthusiastic, caring and she definitely walks her talk!!!

Ann I., Costa Mesa, CA
Via Yelp

As a 56 year old women who has tried many work out routines over the years, this exercise regime is incredibly efficient, fun and easy to do. The actual exercises are challenging, yet easy on my joints. My body has changed dramatically and I look forward to sessions twice a week. Colleen's enthusiasm and expertise has me looking forward to working out for the first time in years!

Cindy Y., Newport Beach, CA
Via Yelp

For someone who is not used to going to the gym on a regular basis, Lighting Fit is a perfect fit for me! It works with my daily schedule by giving me a great workout while only spending 30 minutes of my time. Colleen was very professional and shows how experienced she is with this extremely time efficient workout. I am 58 years old and thanks to Lighting Fit, I am feeling stronger, looking healthier, and remaining active.

Jennifer W., Laguna Niguel, CA
Via Yelp

I am definitely not motivated by exercise. Haha. But this had me intrigued. I was hoping for an easy fix, and while it is in the sense of time, it is no joke when it comes to overall fitness! It's like a cardio workout & strengthening session all in one! I'm loving my new toned arms!!! Colleen is an incredible trainer, and fun to be around, which has made me a new fitness enthusiast. I always look forward to our workouts, and the continued progress!

Pam P., Newport Beach, CA
Via Yelp

Saves time and feels great afterwards. Great for busy professionals and others who want to get fit fast!

Austin B. King
Via Google

This place is awesome! I worked out with Colleen for 20 minutes and I was dripping sweat from head to toe. My muscles were sore in places they had never been sore before. I highly recommend checking this place out. It was fun and efficient at the same time.

Thanks again I will be back.

Jon Thomas
Via Facebook Fan Page

The trek from LA to the OC was well worth it! I feel like a million bucks... and look like a million bucks thanks to Colleen!!!

Kayla Anne
Via Facebook Fan Page

Super great workout for all ages! As a 50yr old woman concerned about old injuries , this workout out was quick, effective and very safe. Love!

Marilyn Mercado
Via Facebook Fan Page

Awesome work out, really pushes you to the limit! Thanks again Colleen!

Michael Kuhns
Via Facebook Fan Page

Great workout, nothing like anything I've ever done before!

K.C. Clarke
Via Facebook Fan Page

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